Brook Bello | Living inside the Rainbow (winning the battlefield of the mind after human trafficking & mental bondage)
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Living inside the Rainbow (winning the battlefield of the mind after human trafficking & mental bondage)


A story about becoming the champion God meant you to be!

If you order this also order the “Workbook & Study Journal Companion! “Living Inside the Rainbow: Winning the Battlefield of the Mind After Human Trafficking and Mental Bondage” is a riveting chronicle of Brook Parker Bello’s journey, surviving child sex-slavery a form of human trafficking. Similar to author Joyce Meyer, Dr. Brook shares her faith and the power by God’s grace as she shares life and spirituality. Brook also teaches through her own experience on the neurobiological effects of trauma and how the heart and mind are transformed to new life beyond it. Fear, brokenness, self-loathing, guilt, anxiety, doubt, and identity loss or true identities never discovered are all bi-products of the act of pedophilia, incest, rape and other forms of physical violation and abuses of all kinds. The author says, “judging others often blocks compassion” and she describes this as the “trumpet call” a call to heal, live, give and run with God’s grace in love like never before.

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What others are saying:

Living Inside the Rainbow is about God’s promise of restoration. This process of recovery involves the soul and enlightening of the mind. In this book, Brook’s honest and transparent story of spiritual power helps us to consider the contribution of our thoughts to the ultimate result of one’s life. “It is a must read!”

Dr. Beverly “Bam” Crawford
Founder and Pastor of
Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Church

“From rape to redemption, from human trafficking to a transformed life, Brook shares her amazing journey from fear to freedom. I recommend this book to those who are looking for healing, restoration, and their own pathway to freedom.”

Rosemary Trible, Author,
President of Fear2Freedom,
Wife of former Senator Paul Trible

“I thank God for the power, strength, and courage of the life force that is Brook Bello. We are on the planet to use our gifts–our pain and suffering–to being wholly transparent. We literally breathe life into others when we share our stories with one another. It is the essence of healing–and the only way we can know we are not alone. Thank you, Brook, for standing and living in God’s grace. Living Inside the Rainbow reminds me of words by Edmund Burke…”All that is required for the triumph of evil is that good men remain silent and do nothing.” Your book is a clarion call for us to use our voices to put an end to human trafficking.”

Terrie M. Williams, Author
Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting

“Human trafficking is the absolute lowest form of inhuman treatment that can be perpetrated by a person or group against another in a free society. The freedom to realize one’s God-given potential is crushed almost beyond repair for those trapped as sex slaves, many, like Brook Bello, as children. But Brook Bello simply refused to remain locked in the prison others intended for her and by God’s grace and power, broke free, not just physically, but emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. While still on the road to full restoration, she has committed her life to freeing and nurturing to wellness others trapped in this most evil industry. Living Inside the Rainbow, is a “must read” for those who hate evil and want to learn how to help eradicate the human trafficking industry.

Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner
President, Skinner Leadership

“Brook, I am sure that this book this will be powerfully freeing and enlightening as you share your traumatic testimony and dramatic deliverance in and through Jesus Christ and other good people who have been Jesus to you along the way.”

Pastor David Anderson
Author, Radio Host, and Church Leader

“Living Inside the Rainbow by Brook Bello is a must read book. She reveals her own life’s journey of God’s Amazing Faithfulness and Grace. Life is not a game, life is a gift … a gift of grace. Living Inside the Rainbow, Brook moves from trauma to wholeness. Literally, from “Grace to Grace.”

Dr. Carroll A. Baltimore, Sr.
President, Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc