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Brook Bello’s journey is compelling because it illustrates the truth about what can happen when a young girl is sexually violated and abused in the worst way. Her story helps people to understand the reality of trauma and the triumph in God!


As an inspirational speaker and minister addressing IDENTITY and SOUL HEALTH. Bello is also an actor, playwright and a filmmaker.


As founder and CEO of More Too Life  her team is at the forefront of Rescue, Victim Care, and Intervention, Training, Mentoring, and Demand Prevention. Her award winning copy written curriculum is now packaged for circulation with consulting!



Heal from sexual abuse. The prophetic and deliverance ministry call on Ms. Bello’s life was recognized by her pastor, Dr. Beverly Bam Crawford, after watching Brook serve the ministry for many years. Her Doctorate in pastoral clinical counseling and temperance therapy is poweful. Learn more and go to Therapy Off The Grid  to learn about our healing from sexual abuse trips.

Dr. Brook Bello ordained in 2012 by Dr. Beverly Bam Crawford, is a passionate writer and the author of four books including, the educational “Living Inside the Rainbow – Winning the Battlefield of the Mind.” The new “Living Inside the Rainbow Workbook & Study Journal” a new book coming out in January entitled, “SHAME UNDONE” and a book of poetry. Dr. Bello is also the author of innovative root cause focused successful curriculum, RJEDE™ (Restorative Justice End Demand Education) a court appointed and volunteer course for violators of sexual violence, prostitution and human trafficking prevention and LATN™ (Living Above the Noise) for victims and prevention of sexual violence and human trafficking. As an actor and film-maker she has been in dozens of TV shows and films. Brook, is also the founder of YOUTHIASM® A ministry that deals with freedom, on all levels and mental & soul health and being youthfully enthusiastic about the things of God. The diversity of Dr. Bello is her passion, she is almost complete with her doctorate and accreditation in pastoral clinical and temperance based counseling/therapy and currently holds a bachelor, masters and two honorary doctorates one in humane letters, theology and biblical studies from Covenant Theological Seminary, National Christian Counseling Association, CICA University and Seminary and Richmond Virginia Seminary. Her dissertation defends the urgency in spirituality in mental health.

Bello is also a licensed chaplain and ambassador with CICA (Canadian Institute of Chaplains
and Ambassadors, the only university accredited by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, UN-EC OSOC and she is an alumni of the Masters Series of Distinguished Leaders by Skinner Leadership Institute. As a champion, expert, trainer consultant and once survivor of childhood human trafficking, Dr. Brook Bello is the founder of More Too Life. It’s mission: Ending the Demand of and Advancing victims of all forms of sexual violence and human trafficking while implementing youth crime and human trafficking demand prevention methods to change the way America and pop culture views exploitation and end it. More Too Life is an award winning organization that is on the cutting edge of victim intervention, prevention identification and ending the demand of human trafficking and prostitution. She has assisted with the change and implementation of legislation nationwide and its founder is one of the leading global experts with a team that is knowledgeable, trained and passionate. Recently seen on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Dr. Bello was chosen 1 of 10 national heroes in a series by Dolphin Digital Media and United Way Worldwide called, The Hero Effect.” Her expertise is evident in many ways. More Too Life is an anti-sexual violence, human trafficking and youth crime prevention organization that was named by United Way World Wide as one of the best in the nation. Bello, the founder received a lifetime achievement award, the highest award for a civilian, from the President of the United States and the White House in December 2016 for her innovative service to humanity.

She received the lifetime achievement award from the 44th President of the United States and the White House in December 2016. She also received the advocate of the year in the state of Florida from the Attorney General Pam Bondi, Human Trafficking Council held by the A.G. and Governor Rick Scott and his cabinet. When the White House held its first summit on Human Trafficking, Dr. Brook Bello did the keynote address at the White House and worked with federal agencies, the Department of Health and Human Services Director and other NGO’s in an all-day think tank to establish and discuss best practices.

Her innovative curriculum and direct and indirect services at More Too Life that effect thousands of victims, hundreds of thousands of national community, as well as prevention education to hundreds of youth and young adults annually has been said to be ground-breaking. More Too Life operates an Education and Assessment Crisis Care Center in Sarasota county with new services to 4 counties under the new sub-contract with Voices for Florida, We are excited about our new opportunity as the sub-contractor for the Open Doors Outreach Network in the Suncoast region which includes Sarasota, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Manatee Counties. This project is in partnership with the office of Attorney General’s office and Voices For Florida, Coordinating System Administrator. The Open Doors Outreach Network is a new public-private partnership to improve care, coordination and collective impact for victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking, mostly children and young adults up to age 24.

Dr. Bello is a sought after motivational speaker, a key note lecturer and minister whose story has been seen in ESSENCE and EBONY magazine with articles in over 100 magazines, newspapers and e-zines. Her speaking engagements include, Wheelock College of Boston, Georgetown University, Festival Cannes, UCLA, Cal-State Dominguez Hills, Cal-State Irvine, Alabama’s UAB, Miles College, United Way Worldwide, and various United Ways, the prestigious Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Frederick Douglas Family Initiative, Joshua Dubois-Values Partnerships, Rotary International Conference, He loves Me Conference FBCG and more while alongside some of the world’s most influential leaders. Note that Bello herself says, “there is no greater accomplishment then seeing a victim turn to survivor, then survivor to thriver, then thriver to champion. In addition, to males, becoming the men of honor that God has created them to be. With books sold at Harvard Bookstore and 2 coming out in 2017/18 Brook’s passion is “The Legacy of Fatherhood because without men of honor we will fail.”

Should you identify anyone as Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in our region, please complete our referral form which can be found at or email

Regardless of what we have been able to accomplish imagine what we could do with the help of those that will get involved and assist the life of just one child, teen or adult at a time, For more information please contact Dr. Brook Bello. Contact: or


Brook Bello is the founder of Brook Bello Inspires Ministries (the ministry site you are on) and More Too Lifea non-profit that serves victims of sexual and physical abuse.

Brook Bello Inspires Ministries

Dr Brook Bello