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Brook Bello’s journey is compelling because it illustrates the truth about what can happen when a young girl is sexually violated and abused in the worst way. Her story helps people to understand the reality of trauma and the triumph in God!


As an inspirational speaker and minister addressing IDENTITY and SOUL HEALTH. Bello is also an actor, playwright and a filmmaker.


As founder and CEO of More Too Life  her team is at the forefront of Rescue, Victim Care, and Intervention, Training, Mentoring, and Demand Prevention. Her award winning copy written curriculum will soon be packaged for circulation with consulting!



The prophetic and deliverance ministry call on Ms. Bello’s life was recognized by her pastor, Dr. Beverly Bam Crawford, after watching Brook serve the ministry for many years. Her Doctorate in pastoral clinical counseling and temperance therapy almost complete. Learn more and go to Therapy Off The Grid  Bello is Founder of Brook Bello Inspires YOUTHIASM® Ministries.

Bello is the grateful recipient of two honorary doctorates received for her years of labor in the anti-trafficking movement and ministry. Her work and achievements in this arena have served as an inspiration for her writings. Bello will receive her doctorate in Pastoral Clinical Counseling in 2017/18 and her accreditation from Sarasota’s NCCA (National Christian Counseling Association) for her ministerial studies.

In Bello’s words: “I teach child and young adult victims that it’s not what they call you, but how you choose to respond. Being a survivor of child trafficking has also come with a stigma that can really hurt.”

As those she serves, Bello and other survivors she knows have been called many heinous names by others who may not understand what it’s like to have been a child multiply raped and exploited nor celebrate child or young adult victims’ new freedom.

“As a child or teen victim you don’t feel clean or pure and kids, especially girls, desire purity, so we teach them that they are pure and why,” said Bello. “But being a survivor can squelch that, so the books remind me and hopefully others of what is stolen in the fire of abuse and the restoration of such honors.”

More Too Life founder and CEO, Brook Bello is an author, innovative thought leader, filmmaker/actress who believes that “art heals”. As their trademarked logo and Bello coined motto states, “victim to survivor, survivor to thriver, thriver to champion,” Bello is changing the way pop culture views sexual exploitation and its end. She and her team at More Too Life address the root causes of human trafficking, such as incest, rape, molestation, pedophilia, poverty, fatherlessness, and other societal issues that often camouflage these abuses.

Bello is the 2016 Florida State advocate of the year presented by Attorney General Pam Bondi and the statewide Human Trafficking Council. Brook’s efforts as a human rights activist lead to sweeping changes in 2015 to Florida law through the passage of HB369 and HB465. The Florida house and senate unanimously approved both bills, which for the first time Bello added and included key language using the word prostitution as it relates to human trafficking. In 2016 as Bello lobbied for and spoke before the senate committee for SB784 HB545 she saw the unanimous passing of a bill. She had fought for including hoteliers and those that rent rooms for the purpose of exploitation to be charged with a crime and for the Florida statue that now fully states no child can ever be prosecuted for prostitution.

As a nationally recognized innovative thought leader in the prevention of human trafficking, sexual violence, and sexual exploitation, Bello is a member of the NoVo Foundation started by the Buffet family, daughter of Warren, Jennifer Buffet and her amazing initiative to assist women and girls globally. Brook has been a member of the Demand Abolition Research Advisory Council for Hunt Alternative and a truth panel member for the Frederick Douglas Family Initiative. She has spoken and taught alongside some of the world’s most influential people including U.S. Presidents, state governors, senators, legislators, and community leaders. Recognized for her powerful work. Having had articles written about her in Ebony and Essence Magazines and various articles around the country Bello is a sought after motivational speaker.

Bello was featured as a keynote speaker at the following national events: the first Eradication of Modern Day Slavery Summit at the White House, she also spoke alongside President Jimmy Carter at the Global Freedom Summit, Rotary International where she presented on victim services, United Way Worldwide various events, The Global Summit at Wheelock College in Boston alongside Cherie Blair, social justice leader and wife of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School, Dr. Charles Olgletree Harvard Law school Professor, Mass Housing, DC Housing Authority, and the Underground Railroad Freedom Center’s Freedom Summit alongside Joshua Dubois, Mira Sorvino, Mara Vanderslice-Kelly, Dr. Caroline Leaf. Bello is an ordained minister teacher and preacher at First Baptist Church Glenarden, and many Women’s Conferences and other churches and conferences.

Author of Living Inside the Rainbow, available at Harvard University Bookstore, Amazon and iBooks, Bello is passionate about children, teens, and women and fathers.

In addition to her work as an author and founder of More Too Life, Bello is a licensed chaplain, and has received two honorary doctorates for her years of work in human trafficking and ministry. Her bachelor’s degree is in Biblical Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary and a master’s degree in Christian Counseling from CICA-International University and Seminary. She is currently completing a doctoral degree in Pastoral Clinical Christian Counseling from covenant theological seminary and her licensing from NCCA. She also hosts a YouTube web series entitled Brook Bello Inspires YOUTHIASM® featuring inspirational speaking, teaching, and preaching ministry.

Her recent honor to be named by United Way Worldwide, as one of the heroes, will be seen in the 2017 television series, “The Hero Effect” produced by United Way Worldwide and Dolphin Media. Brook has several awards and was chosen as hero of the month by Discovery Communications November 2015. She received the President’s Award from the Baptist National Convention, the Scarlet Thread Award and other honors.


Brook Bello is the founder of Brook Bello Inspires Ministries (the ministry site you are on) and More Too Lifea non-profit that serves victims of sexual and physical abuse.

Brook Bello Inspires Ministries

Dr Brook Bello